A global multi-blockchain network for:
- tokenised bills of exchange
- tokenised assets
- complex smart contracts
- fast settlements


one global integrated digital solution for

technologically advanced network

KOSMO CAPITAL aggregates resources into one global network
Private Partner Network

Permissioned & Restricted

Restricted partnerships invited by KOSMO CAPITAL. Only Certified Digital Partners (CDP) who receive specialised training are provided with access tools to create smart contracts and tokenisation rights.

Hybrid Blockchain Core

Powerful Performance

The KOSMO CAPITAL Hybrid Blockchain technology increases the speed of transaction confirmation, maintains low operating costs and provides multiple layers of data security.

Digital Bridge Converter

Bidirectional Liquidity

Physical assets are converted into Digital Tokenised Domain. All Certified Digital Partners (CDP) are trained on operational procedures and administrative process to access the Partner Admin Portal.

Efficient Tokenisation Process

Digital Domain Assets

Certified Digital Partners (CDP) create the digital tokens, of the physical assets, via the Digital Bridge Converter (DBC). Each physical asset is assessed and verified prior to tokenisation.

Active Participative Marketplaces

Global Payment Process

Global Electronic Payment Processors (EPP) are already interconnected to the KOSMO CAPITAL network. Transactions across international borders are fast, secure and exceptionally low cost.

Multi-Partner Participation

kosmoCOIN Providers

Predefined smart contracts are activated for the assigned asset attributes. Global Certified Digital Partners may become KOSMO CAPITAL network node host as well as service providers.

feature rich platform

KOSMO CAPITAL is a global ecosystem for digital tokenised assets.

hybrid blockchain

Decentralised Public/Private
multi-blockchain network


A secure digital component
to store kosmoCOINS


A physical card to interface
between fiat and cryptocurrency


A highly secure interface
for unified transactions


tokenised digital network

A Digital Bridge Converter (DBC)
to process Physical Domain Assets (PDA)


A native interface and connectivity to
other 3rd party digital exchanges

platform partners

Certified Digital Partners (CDP)
may host network nodes

channel partners

Certified Digital Partners (CDP)
create smart contracts

unique integration methodology

KOSMO CAPITAL integrates best of bread and cutting edge technology.


Dedicated blockchains are purpose built to cater for various transaction types. This system structure provides a new way of utilising the blockchain technology.

system design

KOSMO CAPITAL system requirements were analysed and preliminary software design and development migration plans defined.


System level engineering plans have been identified with standards, practices and guidelines for the developers working on this major global project.


High level software units, modules, sub-modules, components and sub-systems have been identified within the initial framework of the development plan.


Various levels of interface have been identified as appropriate for Users, Peer-To-Peer nodes and Electronic Payment Networks.


The software design and development teams have created a pathway to software design, creation, data collection, storage and distribution.


The KOSMO CAPITAL global network comprises of a private network for restricted partner participation and a public network for public blockchain access.


Technical review standards are in place to monitor and communicate the progress of the project to all stakeholders.

quality control

Once deployed the global network requires constant and consistent monitoring and control to ensure quality levels are adhered to.

KOSMO CAPITAL's Digital World


Smart contracts are created via an intuitive and user friendly interface by Certified Digital Partners (CDP) and then automatically converted to blockchain ready code.

more on smart contracts

The digital utility tokenisation process combines the kosmoCOIN and the kosmoWALLET in a secure and readily available environment within the global network.

more on digital utility tokens

Dedicated blockchains are purpose built to cater for various transaction types. This system structure provides a new way of utilising the blockchain technology.

more on multi-blockchains

Distributed Global Exchanges facilitate rapid and highly secure transactions. This unique financial services system incorporates national financial providers and blockchain technology.

more on distributed exchanges

The KOSMO CAPITAL global network comprises of a public network for restricted partner based participation and a public network for public blockchain access.

more on private/public networks

unique system building blocks

KOSMO CAPITAL aggregates best of breed technologies.


Dedicated blockchains are purpose built to cater for various transaction types. This system structure provides a new way of utilising the blockchain technology.

smart contracts

Smart contracts are created via an intuitive and user friendly interface by Certified Digital Partners (CDP) and then automatically converted to blockchain ready code.


The utility network token, kosmoCOIN (kosmo), combined with the kosmoWALLET provides a secure and readily available environment within the global network.

intuitive easy web access

All Certified Digital Partners (CDP) are provided with their customised 'Partner Admin Portal' to access all related capability of the KOSMO CAPITAL network.


Cryptography is utilised within the network to secure the identity of the transacting party and to ensure that each hashed blockchain record cannot be altered.


An efficient integrated cryptocurrency exchange ensures rapid, secure and cost effective deployment with a native interface for other third party exchanges.


The KOSMO CAPITAL Peer-To-Peer network provides the mechanism for transactional costs to be kept at phenomenally low levels compared to prevailing fees.

unified transactions

The integration of blockchain technology and process with single interface methodology creates an efficient blockchain ecosystem.


Significant levels of performance is achieved by providing Peer-To-Peer transactions and pre-mined kosmoCOIN cryptocurrency tokens.


global, secure, smart, & purpose built

KOSMO CAPITAL platform caters for multi-process functionality
With it’s strategic partners KOSMO CAPITAL provides a global full-service network that is based on blockchain technology.

The KOSMO CAPITAL network is a worldwide collection of KOSMO CAPITAL Cores, each maintained by partner organisations. The distributed nature of the network makes it reliable, secure and available.

The major network nodes, collectively known as Super Blockchain Nodes, are located in five global zones providing localised support, reduced transactional latency and improved efficiencies.

Each KOSMO CAPITAL Core node provides connectivity and transactional capability for the local digital data market place. The activities within each market sector generate transactions. These transactions are entered into the safe keeping of the blockchain ledger .
The integration of Electronic Payment Processors (EPP) into the KOSMO CAPITAL blockchain ecosystem permits fiat values and cryptocurrencies in e-wallets to be traded across the global payment platform in real-time. The KOSMO CAPITAL network acts as a global hub for the e-wallets and the the existing EPPs.

This solution provides a secure, permission-free, decentralised blockchain ledger for clearinghouse transactions in all global regions. The blending of resources ensures physical domain assets and currencies are tokenised into the digital domain.

This cross border facility will provide, on a real-time basis, fiat-to-fiat, fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange or remittance.

The enhanced overlay nature of the KOSMO CAPITAL blockchain network provides a platform for the millions of unbanked people to seamlessly integrate into mainstream financial systems.
The KOSMO CAPITAL network incorporates multi-currency transactions via a seamless, inbuilt decentralised Foreign Exchange (forex) functionality.

The decentralised ledger becomes a type of marketplace which assists in buying and selling different currencies. This process involves the creation of ‘offers’ which are public commitments to exchange one type of credit for another at a pre-determined rate. The offers in the decentralised ledger form an ‘orderbook’ with the network having an orderbook for every currency/issuer pair. As an example the network has an overbook to convert ICICI Bank/Indian Rupees to Bitstamp/Bitcoin.

All money transactions within the network occur as credit issued by ‘anchors’ that can hold a deposit and issue credits as and when required.

Transactions within the forex feature are processed as (eg USD to EUR):
Direct Exchange - the currencies are directly interchanged via the buyer/seller process (USD/EUR).
Indirect Exchange - the currencies are interchanged via an intermediary process that includes cryptocurrencies (USD/XKC and then XKC/EUR).
Conversion Chain - If the above two methods are not available then the network goes through a series of intermediary interchanges to achieve the final outcome (USD/INR, INR/BTC, BTC/XKC and finally XKC/EUR).
The KOSMO CAPITAL platform is used to build sophisticated smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer programs that can automatically execute an agreement based on programmed logic within the transaction. Blockchain technology has enabled a new breed of smart contracts with immutable storage of agreement terms, cryptographic authorisation, and integrated transfers of value.

KOSMO CAPITAL Smart Contracts are based on Stellar Smart Contracts (SSC) and expressed as compositions of transactions that are connected and executed using various constraints:
- multi signature
- batching
- atomicity
- sequence
- time bound
- other specific

These autonomous contracts require rigorous management of ‘Private Keys’, ‘Identity’, ‘Security’ and ‘Good Practices’.

KOSMO CAPITAL Digital Partners are the responsible global entities that provide services and education to their respective members, clients and customers. They will also create the scenarios and construct the smart contracts that reflect the circumstance and execution within the digital domain.

Simple transactions will be initiated primarily and as the network expands and grows in sophistication so too will the nature of the smart contracts. Multi-blockchains will deployed to handle complex unified transactions.
The KOSMO CAPITAL Core blockchain transactional network is initially based on the monetisation process from financial data, non-financial data and services based data markets.

KOSMO CAPITAL plans to use the secure blockchain network to create liquidity events from physical assets and provide financial empowerment for communities, Not-For-Profits and the unbanked alike.

Each digital data market place that is currently identified, additional markets will be added as the KOSMO CAPITAL network matures, will be serviced by a partner network that already physically services and supports that market.

Globally the e-commerce market, in 2015, was worth US$22.1 trillion, according to UNCTAD estimates. These global sales figures include both business-to-business (B2B) at US$19.9 trillion and business-to-consumer (B2C) at US$2.2 trillion.

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